Our goal at Julian Wood is to make a personal connection with each customer and assist them in any way for the orders they are making. All members of the team are dedicated in ensuring the successful fulfilment of an order. Unlike other company CEOs, the principals of Julian Wood take a personal interest in the customer relationships and tracking of each order and transaction provided by the team. Our goal is maintaining the high calibre of service and products customers have come to expect since 1973.

With direct feedback from the customer and our strong engagement in the order process, any queries and fulfilment issues can be addressed and resolved within minutes. Being proactive is part of the process and so if in the unlikely event an issue does arise, we communicate accordingly so that you – the customer is always in the know of where your order is at. It is this personal customer service that distinguishes our order fulfilment for each customer.

Mission Statement

Providing quality collections since 1973, Julian Wood aims to provide all Australians with the best available library resources. Whether it be for research, relaxation, education or inspiration, our mission is to ensure through an efficient and modern library catalogue system, all resources and services are easily accessible and readily available for libraries – this is the Julian Wood promise.