Our Collection development services include:

  • Latest releases and pre-publication titles
  • Standing orders
  • Bestsellers
  • Profiling selection
  • Open day collections
  • Overseas titles
  • Online database and ordering
  • On site selection
  • Ad hoc orders

Collection profiling

With our experience in library supply and the human element of profile purchasing, Julian Wood ensures that we go beyond an algorithm when targeting a specific demographic. The establishment of initial profile purchasing documentation as well as regular reviews of these profiles and contact with collections staff, help us to ensure we are hitting the mark and making the correct adjustments to capture changes or trends in the market when required. It is our hands-on tailored approach to profiling, including the analysis of collection stats supplied to us by libraries, that helps us in our quest to further improve a library’s collection performance. Our service focus is to work with libraries to best supply the right books which best represent the interests, needs and requirements of their borrowers.


Our website was designed to meet the online ordering requirements of public libraries. Our system possesses the functionality which will best aid library staff to select the right books. Backed by Nielsen Book data with over 6 million records available, each search result has comprehensive bib details and descriptions along with high resolution images. Monthly new release information and multiple cart functionality make it simple for you to purchase the right material for your library collection.