Providing quality library collections since 1973.

Julian Wood Bookseller has been providing Australian public libraries with quality collections and shelf ready services for over 45 years. Our reputation and proven history to deliver tailored collection solutions to public libraries, has made us renowned throughout the industry. As we continue to meet the ever-changing needs of public libraries, it is our experience, knowledge and passion that make us a preferred supplier of libraries across Victoria

Knowledge, Experience & Passion
This is Julian Wood…

As a family owned Victorian based company, Julian Wood Bookseller has been a leading public library supplier since 1973. It is our experience and passion that makes us the best choice for your procurement of library collections. From shelf ready library services to providing public library collections throughout Victoria – we know the content, interests and textual quality needed for Australian libraries.

Collection Profiling

To best utilise our extensive knowledge and experience in library collections, we go beyond algorithms when profiling purchasing to ensure that all materials chosen best represent a library’s borrowers

EDI Services

Our internal operating system is EDI capable; Julian Wood can send and receive files via EDI including orders, acknowledgements, receipts and invoices.


Julian Wood is proud to offer libraries to return all discarded books to us to be either donated to communities in need or responsibly recycled.

Shelf Ready Services

A shelf ready solution can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of your library, including all end processing, covering and cataloguing services.

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Australian Local Library Supplies

As an independent Australian library emporium, our focus and priority are quality experiences that gain 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal at Julian Wood is to make a personal connection with each customer and assist them in any way possible. All members of our team are knowledgeable in the library field and dedicated in ensuring the successful fulfilment of an order.

Customised Library Collections

Julian Wood can fulfil a library’s collection requirements by customising a procurement solution to suit your individual needs. Utilising our comprehensive standing order lists, web ordering facilities or profile buying plans, public libraries can procure the latest Bestsellers, market trends and most recent popular works, pre-publication. Whatever you need – Julian Wood aims to deliver.

Backed by Nielsen Book data with over 6 million records available, each search result has comprehensive bib details and descriptions, along with high resolution images. Monthly new release information and multiple cart functionality make it simple for you to purchase the right material for your library collection.

The preferred Australian library supplier

Julian Wood are prominent providers of shelf ready library services as well as library collections development. As we continue to meet the ever-changing needs of public libraries, it is our experience, knowledge and passion that makes us a preferred choice of Australian libraries.